The SB Game Hacker App

Everywhere you look these days, you will see people playing games on their phones.  For professional gamers, this is a way of life.  Yet, one of the greatest frustrations for gamers (and all game players for that matter), is the inability to keep playing when your lives are lost.  Enter the SB Game Hacker app.  This tool is created for Android and iOS phones and allows you to hack into most games and applications, creating infinite lives and coins and other fun options.

One of the gems of the SB Game Hacker tool is that it does not have ads, is free and does not ask you to upgrade.  You can use the tool to change the parameters of the game allowing you to run through levels of any game without the usual obstacles put in by the original programmers.  After the installation of the software, lists of hackable items will populate on your already installed games.  Thus, you get to choose what kind of modifications you want to make to the game or application.  You can manipulate the data to create a game that’s more enjoyable for you.


What kinds of apps and games can you play? 

Some of the games used with this SB Game Hacker are Candy Crush, Temple Run, Clash of Clans, Minecraft and many more.  Currently, the tool hacks more than 1000 Android games and 1200 iOS games and every time the app is updated, that game list increases.

Confirm that you have rooted your device, before you download SB Game Hacker to your Android phone or tablet as it will only run on a rooted device.  What does rooting a device mean and why would you want to?  Good questions.  Rooting a device means that you have root access to your device.  In other words, you can run the sudo command which allows you to have freedom to carrier-blocked apps, make your phone more powerful, and change your settings allowing you to copy more exclusive features found in other phones.  Some of the apps you can use to root your device are Kingroot, Framaroot, or Towelroot.


Some of the benefits of SB Game Hacker

One of the best benefits of this tool is the search option that allows you to search for specific components to enhance your gaming on your Android.  It can narrow down the components to very specific parameters allowing you to edit the data and enter another value.

If you aren’t exactly sure what kind of components you need, there is another search option with the SB Game Hacker called a Fuzzy search.  This means that you have an idea what you are looking for, but aren’t clear.  In other words, the search will pull up pages that are likely to be relevant, but may not exactly match the term you used to search with.   But if the game data is not in integers (value between 0 and 4294967295) you can’t use Fuzzy search.  That’s why another option is available.

The third search option is the Floating-Point (decimal).  According to, one can “directly search for resources in floating point. When the value of resources required by you is not in integer form, floating point search will serve you best.”


The SB Game Hacker also offers the benefit of data filtering.  This improves the efficiency of your game through the increased speed of your gaming device.  Again, the tool is also updated frequently so that it will support the recently released games and apps.


How to Use the SB Game Hacker


The following are instructions and a short tutorial on how to use the app.

  1. Download the SB Game Hacker to your phone or tablet and begin installation. When the permissions window pops up, say yes to allow the installation to continue.
  2. Open the app. It takes a great deal of memory, so give it a few seconds to load before you determine whether it’s working or not.
  3. When you reach the main menu, select the appropriate option for your phone: Hack Android Games or Hack iOS Games. (Do realize that the game already needs to be installed on your phone for the tool to hack it.)
  4. After the SB Game Hacker has scanned your games, then you will see a new screen where a list of your installed games will pop up.
  5. The games that can be hacked will have the word “Hackable” next to them in green. If you click on the title of the game, you will see a list of options which can then be changed or edited. (Such as more lives or more gold.)
  6. Once you have edited the games, you can launch your hacked version of the game by tapping the start button.



Important notes about SB Game Hacker


You will not find this app in Google Play or in an Apple Store.  You must search the internet for the SB Game Hacker and you will be given several links to download the app.  Be careful about which sites you choose as some will come with viruses that will be downloaded to your phone.  There are some reputable sites out there, but for hacking tools, make sure you do a little research before you download anything.  What starts out as a fun game hacker app can turn into a nightmare on your phone.


One of the drawbacks with this app is if your game is online and you have hacked it and made changes, those changes will be lost unless you start the game with this program.   Online game data is synced with the game servers, so it will revert to the original programming unless you use the SB Game Hacker every time you start the game.  If the game is offline, your changes will be saved and you will not need to start the game with the tool.


Whether you are a beginning gamer or an expert hacker who has been gaming for years, this tool will help you to enjoy more freedom in your games.





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