Private Label Supplements

In a society that is focused on health and fitness, private label liquid supplements and private label organic supplements have become an essential part of many people’s lives.  This article focuses on the benefits of these supplements and the benefits of starting your own label.

Private Label Liquid Supplements and Private Label Organic Supplements: Introduction and Description

What are private label supplements?  According to, “Private labeling is when a manufacturer has a stock recipe they sell to multiple sellers who put their own branding on the product.”  This means that several different brands of vitamins, minerals, protein drinks and powders might contain the same basic formula, but be sold under different names.  There might be minor ingredient changes between private labels, but the only major difference between these products are how they are branded and marketed.

Why the Private Label Organic Supplements are So Popular

As consumers, we are usually convinced that if a product is a little more expensive, then we are getting a product made with superior materials.  Private label organic supplements are often more desirable, because they are advertised to contain superior organic or non-GMO ingredients.  A great deal of research has been done on how GMO (genetically modified organisms) additives have detrimental effects on our bodies.  Consumers will seek out organic supplements to counteract many of these harmful elements in our food.  When supplements are manufactured, we believe it is best to seek organic ingredients as we will experience greater vitality and health.

Who Would Benefit from Private Label Supplements?

Small practices such as chiropractors, nutritionists, doctors and health spas will likely benefit the most from private labeling supplements.  When you sell a line of supplements that are labeled with your own business name, it is a great way to market your services.  Word of mouth from satisfied customers spread about as fast as a viral video on the internet.  When one of your friends use a product and you see a positive benefit from using it, you will likely ask about it.  This word of mouth advertising is free and highly beneficial for small business owners.  Private labeling can save a small business owner thousands of dollars in the initial start-up phase.

Health Benefits for private label supplements

Private label liquid supplements and private label organic supplements can be some of the most beneficial things you put into your body.  Most of our bodies vitamins and minerals are absorbed through the food we eat.  Yet, these days, when the earth has been worked for thousands of years, it is difficult for our foods to retain as many vitamins and minerals as they did before.  Thus, we have a need for adding daily supplements to maintain a healthy diet.  It is easier for our bodies to absorb liquid, so private label liquid supplements are one of the most popular choices for those seeking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of Starting your own line of supplements

If you are considering starting your own supplements company, you will need to investigate your options, but the positives of private labeling often outweigh the negatives.  Not only will your initial costs go down (sometimes by thousands of dollars), but when you are new to the business, it is easier to work through a manufacturer that is already compliant with the FDA.  We know how to produce, ship and insure your supplements so that you get the most profit out of them.  Other benefits include a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones at a greatly discounted cost.

Ways to Market Your Own Supplement Business

There are as many different ways to market supplements as there are different health brands out there.  You can market your supplements the traditional way through a grocery chain or health food store.  Or you can also use television infomercials and commercials.  Another popular route to market private label liquid supplements are advertisements in magazines.  The newest way to market private label organic supplements is through social media.  If you are relying mainly on business over the internet, then this is one of your best options.  Every one of these choices have their advantages and disadvantages.  It really depends on the audience you are trying to reach and the products you are trying to market.



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