Chinese Restaurants in Liverpool

As a tourist destination, Liverpool, England is known for many things: the Beatles, great football teams, exceptional universities and amazing history.  One goes to Liverpool for many different experiences, but great restaurants are usually not at the top of the list.  Yet, Liverpool offers over 1200 restaurants with every type of international cuisine available!

Though we could rave on and on about all types of different restaurants, we will focus here on one type of cuisine you would not normally associate with the British port town: Chinese.  There are some wonderful Chinese restaurants in Liverpool, but you must know where to look.

According to TripAdvisor, the 5 top Chinese restaurants in Liverpool include the following: Lady Jade Restaurant, Chy Liverpool, Big Bowl Noodle Bar, North Garden and the Blind Tiger.  Each restaurant is known for its own specialized dish and each has different pricing.  Each restaurant has also received the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

  • The Lady Jade Restaurant offers authentic Chinese food with a special mention regarding their Prawn Toast. This restaurant also boasts an intimate atmosphere, beautiful decorations and great customer service.  Their prices run from average to above average depending on the meal.
  • Chy Liverpool is known for its quick and delicious lunches at very reasonable prices. The Hot & Sour soup and Chicken Chop Sui are two meals that are considered very good from several client recommendations.
  • The Big Bowl Noodle Bar is not located in the area called Chinatown, but it is well worth a visit. Bring a big appetite, because they serve a lot of food at very reasonable prices.  The food is also delicious and served quickly.  Their Salt and Pepper meals are considered some of the best in Liverpool.
  • A recent recommendation on the North Garden restaurant was “literally the best Chinese food I have ever had!” Located on Nelson street in Liverpool, this busy restaurant offers some fantastic Chinese meals from Crab mixed with ginger and onion to chilies stuffed with pork and prawns.  The pricing ranges from average to above average.
  • The Blind Tiger is found on Seel street and offers some great Chinese food in a very modern and chic atmosphere. Customers constantly rave about the cocktails and the great service.
  • Bonbon Bakery must also be mentioned here, because it offers some of the most delicious Chinese treats. From savory buns to sweet cakes, this bakery is a wonderful hidden gem of Liverpool.

As you can see, when looking for Chinese restaurants in Liverpool, you will not lack for excellent choices.



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