Body Contouring Surgery

You look into the mirror with frustration, staring at your problem spots.  You have been working out and eating right, but that muffin top around your middle section just won’t go away.  Suddenly an ad that you heard on the radio about body contouring pops into your mind, but you wonder, are body contouring surgery costs affordable?

For both men and women, as we age, our bodies naturally begin to put on more weight.  We then end up with love handles or spare tires, muffin tops, flabby arms and more.  We crave the tight, muscular bodies we had when we were younger, but no amount of exercise seems to help us reach our goal.  That’s when body contouring seems to be a real option.

So you have made up your mind to have surgery, now you have to find out what body contouring surgery costs are.  According to, the prices can run from $8000 for one part of the body to $30,000 for a whole body lift.  If you are interested in a specific part of the body, the prices range as follows:

Arms: $8000

Inner Thighs: $10,000

Breast lift: $15,000

Upper back: $15,000

Neck and face lift: $15,000


These prices might seem expensive, but one has to realize that this covers not only the surgeon, but the hospital, the anesthesiologist, medical tests, post-surgery garments, prescriptions and more.  This cost also pertains to prices in the United States and this will vary by location and surgeon that you choose.

It is understandable that body contouring surgery costs can be a challenge, but most doctors are aware of this fact so many will offer financing packages.  This gives many more people the option to have work done that they could not otherwise afford.  So the next time you find yourself staring in the mirror at your muffin top, consider body contouring and free your heart from one less worry.




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